Moon Knight: 20 HUGE WTF Moments

12. Khonshu Speaks Through Marc

With no way to find Ammit before Arthur Harrow, Khonshu and Marc had to come up with what Khonshu himself described as a bad idea. This came in the form of an audience with the Ennead, in an attempt to involve the other Egyptian gods in their fight.

Marc was told relatively little about the meeting by Khonshu, and while he had been used as his avatar since he was picked up in the desert, the God of the Moon had seemingly never actually spoken through Marc before.

This was new and very scary to the mercenary, and it was downright weird to watch. Oscar Isaac had already expertly portrayed Steven Grant and Marc Spector, now he had to portray Khonshu speaking through Marc who didn’t know what was happening.

The rest of the avatars were used to such a sensation, but not Marc, and it really showed. It was equal parts creepy, funny, and weird.

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