Moon Knight: 20 HUGE WTF Moments

3. The MCU’s First Egyptian Superhero

For much of the series, Marc was trying to protect Layla from becoming Khonshu’s target for his next avatar. However, he had nothing to worry about, even when he was dead and the God of the Moon spoke to Layla, she flat out refused him without hesitation.

She did however, ultimately give herself up to Taweret. Now, there is a clear difference between being Khonshu’s avatar and Taweret’s avatar, and while the former made Marc’s life a living hell, it looked as though the latter was beyond excited to work together with Layla.

The powers and costume she was given were simply jaw-dropping, and when she was asked if she was an Egyptian superhero, she couldn’t deny it. This was one of the best character developments of the entire series, and it would be utterly criminal if Marvel Studios didn’t continue it in the future.

Whether Moon Knight continues as a series or not, Layla, the MCU’s version of the Scarlet Scarab, simply must return.

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