Moon Knight: 20 HUGE WTF Moments

5. Marc’s Family

So, Marc Spector created Steven Grant as a coping mechanism, but that doesn’t do justice to just how traumatic an experience he was put through in order to seek refuge with another personality to take his place.

When he was very young, Marc went exploring a cave with his younger brother, however the water in the cave rose far too quickly, and Randall was killed. Living this through the panic of Steven in Marc’s memory was utterly traumatising, but things got even worse from there.

While his father tried to keep life as normal as possible for the young Marc, his mother outwardly blamed her eldest son for the death of her youngest. Not only did she verbally and emotionally abuse the young boy, she turned to physical abuse before long.

This was where Marc was forced to shut off his own personality completely in order to protect both his mind and his innocence. There is a long line of sh*tty parents in the MCU, but Marc Spector’s mother may have just topped the list.

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