Moon Knight: 20 HUGE WTF Moments

4. Steven’s Death

Despite both sharing the same body, Marc and Steven’s journey across the Duat in the afterlife allowed them to operate as two separate people in two separate bodies. Ironically, they bonded and grew to be closer than ever when they were apart like this.

As they neared the end of their journey, and the Gates of Osiris were in view, Marc and Steven’s scales still failed to balance and they were condemned to the Duat forever.

As the souls suspended forever in the desert clambered aboard to drag them back into the sands, Steven made the ultimate sacrifice. In trying to save Marc’s life, Steven sacrificed himself to the Duat and was encased in sand seemingly for eternity.

This was heartbreaking. In what was easily the most noble thing Steven had ever done, not only did he sacrifice himself to keep Marc safe, he inadvertently balanced Marc’s scales to allow him to pass into the Field of Reeds alone. He would have been there forever, had he not touched Marc’s heart in such a way that the former mercenary simply couldn’t leave his alter behind.

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