Moon Knight: 20 HUGE WTF Moments

9. Layla’s Father

Clearly, from when we are introduced to Layla and Marc, they have a fractured relationship. They were married, but Marc hadn’t reached out to Layla in months, and they were ready to finalise their divorce.

Their problems likely went deeper than will ever be explored in the MCU, but dishonesty was probably the biggest factor. Marc kept a lot of things from Layla, not least the fact that Steven existed, but there was an even darker secret he kept revolving around the death of her father.

It was established at the beginning of episode three that Layla’s father had passed away, and after Harrow hinted that Marc was keeping things from her, just before he died he told her that he was there the night her father died. In fact, that was how they met.

While Marc didn’t kill Layla’s father himself, it was his commander Bushman who did, and he kept it from her for all those years. This mimicked Moon Knight’s origin in the comics, and while Marc was clearly troubled and damaged, there was no excuse to keep something like this from his wife.

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