Moon Knight: 20 HUGE WTF Moments

1. Jake Lockley

He had been teased as early as the third episode of Moon Knight, and fans of the comics knew he was there, but Jake Lockley was finally brought to the screen in the series’ only post-credit scene.

When neither Marc nor Steven would kill Harrow for Khonshu, he simply found someone else who would.

As the God of the Moon put it himself, Marc Spector had no idea just how damaged he was. He in fact had had a third alter all along, that was likely created around the same time as Steven, since Steven had no recollection of being beaten by his mother.

No stranger to violence, Jake brutally killed people in Cairo when Marc was looking for answers, he subdued Harrow when Marc and Layla were struggling, and he had no problem killing innocent people in order to get to Arthur Harrow in the psychiatric ward in which he was staying.

The series in general saw many changes to the source material, so right now there is no telling just exactly who Jake Lockley is, but a tease like this simply must lead to further exploration of his character.

Season two has to come follow, right?

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