Moon Knight: 20 HUGE WTF Moments

16. Moon Knight Vs The Jackal

After Harrow found out that Steven Grant truly was a different personality to Marc Spector, he followed him back to the gift shop. Even in spite of him being different to Marc, Harrow realised he could pose a threat to his future.

In a show of threat and intimidation, Harrow set upon Steven a mystical jackal. Unable to punish him with Ammit’s power to due an inbalance in his scales, Harrow went down a more direct route.

With Steven not exactly being the fighter that Marc was, he ran. Who wouldn’t run from the attack dog of an Ancient Egyptian deity?!

He was ultimately cornered in the toilets where he was able to have his first real conversation with Marc. As an absolute last resort, Steven surrendered the body to his mercenary alter, only this time the camera didn’t cut away.

This time, fans were given their first look at Marc in the Moon Knight suit, as he quite easily dealt with the beast before staring down the camera for one hell of an episode ending.

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