Moon Knight: 20 HUGE WTF Moments

7. Taweret

When Marc rocked up in the asylum at the end of episode four, the entire MCU fandom was rocked. Confusion reigned, there were more questions asked than ever before, and with less answers given than ever before.

Things just got more confusing as Marc explored the white halls, particularly when he came face to face with Steven outside of his own body, but arguably the craziest thing he saw came in the form of Taweret, the Goddess of Women and Children.

There had been talk of gods all throughout the series, with Khonshu really being the only one to show his face/skull so far, but opening the door to an anthropomorphic hippo was one of the biggest shocks of the show, strangely made even weirder by how normal her voice was.

Taweret would go on to be one of the best characters of the series, however before she was given any development or screen time, her appearance in the asylum was simply bizarre.

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