Moon Knight: 20 HUGE WTF Moments

13. The First Hint Of Jake

The post-credit scene that came at the series conclusion confirmed what fans of the comics would have known since the very beginning. Marc Spector and Steven Grant weren’t the only people to be living inside Marc’s body.

Jake Lockley was confirmed as the third personality, however there had been hints that there was someone else within the body throughout the entire series. The first of these came towards the beginning of episode three, when Marc was finally given the spotlight in the show.

While chasing a group across the rooftops of Cairo for answers, Marc lost consciousness in the same way Steven had in the previous two episodes. When he returned, he was surrounded by bodies, covered in blood, and removing a sword from someone’s stomach.

This wasn’t Marc, and clearly wasn’t something that Steven would do, so who did it? This was yet another mysterious thread for audiences to wonder and be confused by.

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