Moon Knight: 20 HUGE WTF Moments

18. Harrow’s First Murder

After Harrow’s introduction, it wasn’t until he was in the Alps that audiences got to see the kind of villain they were really dealing with. The glass in the shoes hinted at some aspects of his character, but nothing close to the true brutality of his nature.

Surrounded by his followers, Harrow preached about making the world as much like heaven as possible. This was to be achieved through Ammit and her ridding the world of evil. Even before such evil happened. Using but a fraction of her power, Arthur judged one follower to be a good man, before the woman who followed wasn’t so lucky.

She had never done anything wrong, but her future apparently led her down an evil path, and so she was punished. Arthur took her hands in his, and using the power Ammit channeled through him, he took the life right out of her. She turned grey and dropped to the ground.

Not only was this a show of his power and beliefs, he committed murder in broad daylight with absolutely no remorse or concern for ramification.

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