Moon Knight: 20 HUGE WTF Moments

14. Mr. Knight

The end of episode two showed Marc summon the Moon Knight suit, though only for a brief moment. He was obscured for most of the ten seconds or so he was on screen, only fully revealing the suit and his mask as the episode ended.

With the second episode being titled ‘Summon the Suit’, it seemed like a safe bet that we would be seeing more of ‘Moon Knight’ rather than Marc, and while that was technically true, this wasn’t the suit for which the episode was titled.

This came when Layla told Steven to summon the suit after he refused to let Marc take over his body again. Instead of the typical Moon Knight suit however, Steven went more literal, and created himself a pure white three-piece suit, complete with mask.

Dubbed Mr. Knight in the comics, this suit allowed Steven the same powers Khonshu originally bestowed upon Marc, which he used to fight Ammit’s jackal across the streets of London.

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