Moon Knight: 20 HUGE WTF Moments

10. Khonshu Set In Stone

It is only really hinted at throughout the course of Moon Knight, but Khonshu does not have a great relationship with the other Egyptian gods. He was banished, though he and the Ennead disagree on the reason why, and neither have ever liked each other since.

In order to call their attention, Khonshu created a lunar eclipse during the middle of the day, something that enraged them to begin with. They then dismissed his pleas for help against Arthur Harrow and his search for Ammit’s tomb, and warned him that they could turn him to stone if he continued.

In order to find Ammit’s tomb before Harrow, Khonshu had to change the stars in the sky themselves to reflect what they looked like 2000 years ago. This again caught the attention of the Ennead, and with a little more manipulation from Harrow, led them to believe it was he who sought to resurrect Ammit rather than his former avatar.

The punishment was one of the cruelest imaginable. Khonshu was suspended in stone for his conspiracy to release Ammit. As if this wasn’t bad enough, Osiris believed that Khonshu was still conscious, and could still hear everything going on around him.

The gods are cruel indeed.

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