10 Most Shocking Death Scenes In Peaky Blinders

8. The Digbeth Kid

It speaks volumes to the fact that the self-anointed Digbeth Kid features on screens for only a matter of minutes in the course of one episode, yet remains one of the most impactful deaths throughout Peaky Blinders’ run.

Describing the Kid as a naive young man who has seen too many cowboy films would be a slight understatement. For context, he draws a wooden gun (from a holster fashioned by his mother) on the Shelby brothers during his “interview” for membership of the Blinders. Those would be the same Shelby brothers who have a history of removing eyes with razor blades.

However, Tommy is amused by his antics, and the Kid is “stood up”; locked up in prison to make up crime numbers, keeping up appearances for a police force firmly in the pocket of the Shelby family.

Somewhat predictably, prison is a dangerous place for a member of Birmingham’s most famous razor gang.

In a tragically gruesome turn of events, the Kid is set upon by members of the rival Sabini gang in prison, who cut his throat in appallingly graphic fashion to send a message, ignoring his frantic pleas that he is “not real”.

Seeing such a wide eyed innocent so viciously killed in a dire case of mistaken identity results in a particularly gut punching scene, that lives long in the memory of anyone brave enough not to look away.

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