10 Most Shocking Death Scenes In Peaky Blinders

9. Luca Changretta

Son of the murdered Vicente and played with smoldering menace by Oscar winner Adrien Brody, Luca Changretta possesses one of the most memorable final scenes in Peaky Blinders due to the unbelievable twists involved in the sequence leading to his death.

All seems lost for the Shelby family. A bloody vendetta has seen John and Arthur killed by Changretta’s hit men, leading Tommy to concede defeat to the mafioso to spare the remainder of his family.

The catch? Tommy must sign over the entirety of the Shelby business empire. Changretta, while clearly conflicted over allowing his father’s killer to live, knows that letting Tommy live with his failure will hurt far worse than any bullet.

As an incandescent Luca roars at Tommy to sign the papers on his knees, Tommy, in a stunning turn of events, informs Changretta he has cut a deal with the gang about to take over the Changretta family’s New York assets (spearheaded by one relatively famous gentleman named Alphonse Capone). Luca’s men standing behind him, now work for Tommy.

Tommy gets the upper hand in a savage fistfight before, in yet another unthinkable twist, Arthur emerges from the background; revealed to have faked his death in the previous episode to lure the Italian to the negotiating table. The eldest Shelby brother exacts revenge for John, spraying the mob boss’ brains over Tommy’s gin distillery in a breathtaking finale to the fourth season.

Vengeance is for the Lord? Not in Small Heath it ain’t.

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